Carisa Lucia Crisp (nee Barnes; born October 26, 1985) is a retired professional wrestler known by her ringname Wonder Woman.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Carisa was a shy child, who was labled "geeky" and "gifted" in school and childhood, and was very interested in Wonder Woman.

Wrestling Career Edit

Carisa had been approached the idea of becoming a wrestler by Caden, though her approval to join the Heroes was rejected, due to her issues with tag team and her apathetic personality.

Debut January 14, 2003 Edit

Carisa made her debut against Loco Toro and Suzzie in a handicap match, which was won by Suzzie.

Release Edit

Wonder Woman had been frustrated with the company for not putting her in a reasonable amount of matches, and believed it didn't pay off for her gym membership, wrestling training and other bills, though they stated they did not put her in matches due to her troubles with tag teaming and refusal to wrestle against a majority of the roster, claiming they all had too much of a "personal feud" and demanded release, which was granted in March.

Later Life Edit

Carisa met Benjamin Crisp in 1999, and married in 2006 after 7 years of dating. They have 3 children. She lives in Amory Mississippi with her husband and 3 children.

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