Curtis Alan Barnes (born February 12, 1981) is a semi-retired professional wrestler, known by his ring names The Tornado and The Jazz.

Barnes is often labeled the Ultimate Warrior of East End, and his brother Simon is labeled the Hulk Hogan, both known well for being remarkable figures in the wrestling group.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Curt was the third of 12 children from Thomas and Kimberly Barnes.

He was an often troubled child, and was extremely aggressive, notably biting his siblings, pulling their hair, etc. He was most aggressive when someone tried to play with "his" toys, and would viciously attack them, notably slapping or biting.

He got along best with his brother David, who often partook as a protege.

Troubles in School Edit

Curt was known for his mischievous and troublesome antics at school, such as bullying students, skipping class and fighting. He did not succeed well in school, until he had his eyes set on wrestling, which he thought was like WWF, and began to increase his school performance in order to join the team.

He also was well known for fighting his brother Kyle and another student, after Kyle tried to step in when the student accidentally knocked Curt's lunch tray out of his hand.

He was disappointed with high school wrestling, but did not quit the team despite this, and became one of the best on the team.

Wrestling Career (1998 - Present) Edit

Curt is well known for his career in East End, often acclaimed the greatest and most memorable wrestler in the business, and is the last of the Barnes Family still involved in the business, well known for his unpredictable and rampant behavior.


Debut Edit

Curt joined East End as The Jazz, 1940s dressed jazz lover, and as soon as joining, immediately started a rivalry with his brother, Simon, then known as The Knight.

With Knight underestimating Curt's raw physical strength and endurance, he was easily defeated and Curt won the East End Heavyweight championship from him.

Curt then continued to win 2/3 of his matches, losing around once every 7 matches. His first and most notable loss, which ended his undefeated streak of 4, was against Stink Bomb, who was aware of Curt's finisher, the smooth jazz (two hand chokeslam), and manged to groin kick him and leverage pin him.

Disciples of Death/Reaper's Reign Edit

On June 15, 2002, Curt formed the tag team Disciples of Death as Rick Reaper, which would consist of him and proteges Demon and Burglar, his younger brothers. The Disciples would go on to bring hell to numerous tag teams, although a losing streak in 2004 damaged their reputation.

The three would later be brought by Stanley Skip, a member of rival faction SkipJacks, to help him fight against Ivan Krill and Big Bad Wolf. It was won when Stanley pinned Krill, who was worn down by Rick.

Joining The Villains (2006) Edit

Rick Reaper had been called upon by little brother Lance to form up a new stable, the Villains.

Gimmick(s) Edit

The Jazz Edit

The Jazz was a 1940s dressed, jazz era themed comical villain, who used jazz music as his theme. He had a technique that gave kayfabe injuries with a musical tone of bone injury.

Rick Reaper Edit

Rick Reaper was a gothic themed villain with Curt's long black hair used to block his face, which was also imitated by his brother David. He had characteristics much similar to The Undertaker. Rick was a mercenary/hitman vigilante from hell, with his two proteges Demon and Burglar.

The Tornado Edit

The Tornado is a rambunctious and unpredictable psychopathic villain with a destructive tendency. After the kayfabe "defeat" of Splendont and the villains, Tornado remained independent, as a mercenary villain.

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