Lance Willard Barnes (born January 17, 1989) is a retired professional wrestler known by his ringname Splendont.

Gimmick Edit

Splendont Edit

Splendont, like his legit twin brother Splendid, was in gimmick twins with him aswell on Krypton 2.0, though was incarcerated as he was more cynical, snobbish and egotistical than his peers, therefore for the greater good of the planet, he had been locked up to prevent him from bringing harm to others, although he had later escaped prison and made his way to earth, in order to prove he was a worthy superhero and to show everyone a "true superhero in action" however, he turned out to be more buffoonish and unprofessional, causing more harm than good, in which his brother Splendid had come to fend him off, causing Splendont to retreat and go back into hiding, in which he turned to a life of crime, having mercenaries The Disciples of Death (also legit relatives) join up with him, and began to plague the earth, which ended in 2014, as Splendont was kayfabe defeated for good during a Money in The Bank PPV, in reality, Lance retired.

Personality and Background Edit

Splendont was shown to be a very cocky and arrogant anti-hero who was extremely destructive and wreckless, which was one of the many reasons he had been locked up. He was well known for cheapshots and fleeing from battles, and often used The Tornado as his bodyguard, allowing the gargantuan villain to wear down or defeat his threats and allow him to either flee or succeed.

One of the examples of his anti-hero behavior was when he saved Senor Skip from The Punching Man after a kayfabe bank robbery in the belief he was innocent, and had bashed in PM's head with a steel chair, and while attempting to free Skip, he was betrayed and left to fight PM, but ran away cowardly before conflict ensured.

Splendont was the older twin of Splendid. Since his birth on Crypton 2.0, he was known to be troublesome and the high council detected the trouble with Splendont, and while he was able to pass his hero training and was given the chance at proving the council wrong, had squandered away his chance by sabotaging Splendid's gear, leaving him incapacitated so that he could take over the rescue, which lead to him failing and the woman being robbed for all her money and car. After leaving planet Willow and returning to Crypton 2.0, he was exiled due to his corruption and cheating.

He had returned despite the exiling and continued to try and "save" people on other planets, but was caught and apprehended by Crypton authorities, and was later incarcerated because of the incident.He had later escaped to prison, and after learning word of Splendid's presence on Earth, made his way to the planet.

Initially, Splendid had offered to partner up with his older, long lost twin and take him under his wing despite his exile and arrest, but Splendont refused immediately, further proving his ego.

After viciously competing against Splendid and failing, he decided to try and apprehend and capture him, intending to swap their costumes and have Splendid take the fall for him. This failed miserably, as Splendid was far superior and stronger, easily overpowering him and leading to him fleeing during his appearance on the Main Event.

After realizing he would never become a competent superhero, he became depressed, furious and vengeful, allying himself with the Disciples of Darkness and having them become his proteges, leaving him a super villain.

Defeat Edit

During the Money In The Bank of 2014, Splendont and Jazz had faced off against Splendid and Punching Man a final time, they had decided to fight over a briefcase that would fund their escape and aid their "normal lives" as Splendont could never return home and found earth to be his home, and during the conflict, his partner The Tornado was easily defeated by Splendid, and the two fought on the ladder, Splendont nearly won, but Splendid was able to counter and throw him off the ladder. Storyline wise, the character had been critically injured and re-arrested by Crypton authorities, and placed in a much more advanced confinement, while Tornado had ran and is still reigning of terror to his day.

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