Caden Alexander Barnes (born January 17, 1989) is a retired professional wrestler known by his ring name Splendid.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Caden was born on January 17, 1989 along with his twin brother Lance. He was born second.

Caden was known for enjoying Superman and DC comics, which was shared with a majority of his siblings, and was introduced to wrestling when brother David had asked him to watch WWF with Curtis.

After being hooked into wrestling, he had become a professional wrestling fan, and in high school, joined his wrestling team.

Wrestling Career Edit

Caden joined East End as Splendid, a masked superhero who came to lead his own faction The Heroes.

Debut Edit

Splendid made his debut on May 25, 2002.

Gimmick Edit

Splendid Edit

Splendid is a professional superhero who resided on Crypton 2.0, and was dispatched to earth in order to protect the planet from crime, evil and to aid the wellness of others. He is an upbeat, prideful and caring hero, who takes joy in helping mankind.

Personal Life Edit

Caden is an active member/supporter of D.A.R.E, an anti-drug and violence program, which is featured in his Splendid and hero gimmick, in which he has spoke out against drugs, violence, high school dropouts and teen pregnancy.

He married in 2012 to an unknown woman, and lives in Las Angeles, in the same district as his twin Lance. He has 4 children, one of which is part of a previous relationship. He works as a parole officer in Las Angeles.

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